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The convex projecting molding of eccentric curve supporting the abacus of a Doric capital.


echinus: E
The convex projecting molding of eccentric curve supporting the abacus of the Doric capital. Hence the corresponding feature in capitals of other orders, which often had egg-and-dart ornamentation; any molding of similar profile or decoration. Also see ovolo, bowtell.

egg and dart, echinus, egg and anchor, egg and arrow, egg and tongue

egg and dart
An egg-shaped ornament alternating with a dart-like ornament, used to enrich ovolo and echinus moldings and also on bands. In the egg-and-anchor, egg-and-arrow, and egg-and-tongue moldings, the dartlike ornament is varied in form.
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egg and dart: a design for enriching an ovolo or echinus, consisting of a closely set, alternating series of oval and pointed forms.
The columns in Webster's third edition were unsurprisingly similar to those in the second, though someone put a shim in the definition for Doric, in which the echinus is separated from the shaft "by one or more annulets and supporting a square unmolded abacus.
The prequake record from Echinus shows that the geyser erupted quite regularly, every 56 minutes on average.
echinus is a representative of this group at the high elevations of the southern Sinai.
Walking the Back Basin loop takes an hour--during which Echinus Geyser is likely to send scalding plumes soaring some 75 feet (if the pool is full and boiling, it will soon erupt).
Growth bands in the sea urchin Echinus esculentus: results from tetracycline-mark/recapture.
When kept in glass boxes with high relative humidity, Psammechinus miliaris and Echinus esculentus experienced only a minor degree of acid-base disturbance in the coelomic fluid during 24 h emersion.