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The convex projecting molding of eccentric curve supporting the abacus of a Doric capital.


echinus: E
The convex projecting molding of eccentric curve supporting the abacus of the Doric capital. Hence the corresponding feature in capitals of other orders, which often had egg-and-dart ornamentation; any molding of similar profile or decoration. Also see ovolo, bowtell.

egg and dart, echinus, egg and anchor, egg and arrow, egg and tongue

egg and dart
An egg-shaped ornament alternating with a dart-like ornament, used to enrich ovolo and echinus moldings and also on bands. In the egg-and-anchor, egg-and-arrow, and egg-and-tongue moldings, the dartlike ornament is varied in form.
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It's an echinus," I corrected him, "and I don't know, either.
The nucleotide sequences of Echinus esculentus and the putative hybrid were identical, except for a single substitution (A-G) at position 103 (a third position in a serine codon), which did not affect the aminoacid sequence.
The prequake record from Echinus shows that the geyser erupted quite regularly, every 56 minutes on average.
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When food is abundant, larvae reduce allocation to growth of feeding arms and accelerate the development of juvenile structures that develop within the larval body (the echinus rudiment).
Echinus Geyser, a fountain type like Old Faithful, now erupts more powerfully and more often (every 15 minutes).