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A diagnostic technique for the heart that uses a transducer held against the chest to send high-frequency sound waves which pass harmlessly into the heart; as they strike structures within the heart, they are reflected back to the transducer and recorded on an oscilloscope.



a method of examining the heart by means of ultrasound. Echocardiography is based on the recording of ultrasonic waves reflected from the surfaces of heart structures differing in density. Under normal conditions, curves are recorded successively from the walls of the aorta and left atrium, the anterior and posterior cusps of the mitral valve, the interventricular septum, and the posterior wall of the left ventricle.

Echocardiography is used to diagnose acquired and, to a lesser extent, congenital valvular diseases. It helps determine the condition of the cusps and the extent of narrowing of the valve openings; it identifies defects in the septa, large transposed blood vessels, and hypoplasia. Echocardiology is also used to diagnose pericarditis with effusion, tumors, and other abnormal conditions. The procedure is used to measure the volume, wall thickness, and mass of the muscular layer of the left ventricle; the stroke volume; and some other parameters of the blood circulation. By combining echocardiography and ultrasonic scanning one can obtain successive images of heart structures that reflect their dynamics during systole and diastole.


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When her condition worsened two days later doctors decided to do the echo cardiogram which revealed her aorta had torn and she needed immediate surgery.
Many other recognitions, certifications and awards, which have singled out Summa's services such as its level III perinatal unit, echo cardiogram laboratory, orthopaedic and cardio vascular research efforts, etc.
We selected Vue Cardio PACS because it supports fully featured viewing, reading and management for all types of cardiology exams including echo cardiograms, ECG, cath lab and nuclear cardiology exams on a single workstation, said Jason Scott, Witham's Director of Imaging and Cardiac Diagnostics.
He avoided having a pacemaker fitted 10 years ago when diagnosed, and has since made a full recovery, but has had numerous operations and echo cardiograms along the way.
Also, a scheme funded by the FA and PFA gives every 16 year-old at a professional club a medical assessment, heart tests and electro-cardiogram and echo cardiograms to identify any abnormalities in the heart.