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2) The objectives of ecologically sustainable development are:
In other words, had they seen, heard or read anything about ecologically sustainable development and, if so, what did they understand it to mean?
These measures should, amongst others, promote conservation and secure ecologically sustainable development and use of natural resources, whilst at the same time promoting justifiable economic and social development.
Traditional Owners have a unique insight into the land and the Aboriginal Plan recognises their pivotal role in ensuring ecologically sustainable development in northern Australia.
Legislation to establish new box-ironbark reserves and park areas is to be introduced into the spring session of Parliament, along with a key election promise by the Bracks government--the creation of a Commissioner for Ecologically Sustainable Development.
The Commission also discussed the outcomes of recent management advisory committee and resource assessment group meetings; AFMAs communications and social media strategies; AFMAs application and measurement of social objectives as part of its management of its ecologically sustainable development objectives; and the future effectiveness of industry-led initiatives to promote autonomous adjustment in the Northern Prawn Fishery.
Following the World Commission on Environment and Development's defining 1987 report (1) outlining sustainable development, Australia adopted the National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development (2) in 1992 to guide sustainability decisions and action by government, industry, business and the community.
Culturally sensitive eco-tourism is one effective and ethical way to promote ecologically sustainable development.
Australia provides a good working example of sustainable fisheries management and ecologically sustainable development more generally, Dr McShane said.
2 The ecologically sustainable development of Kakadu as a major tourist destination shall be pursued to aid the establishment of a viable Aboriginal economy independent of mining.
The new Regulations embrace the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development and focus on reducing environmental impacts to levels that are both acceptable and as low as reasonably practicable.