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Economic indicators divide into leading and lagging indicators:
As previously mentioned, the economic indicators identified by the author are largely macro-level indicators used to track the overall domestic economy.
The Guide to Economic Indicators by no means covers all economic indicators, of course.
Watson, "New Indexes of Coincident and Leading Economic Indicators," presented at the NBER Macroeconomics Conference, 1989.
The third edition of The Trader's Guide to Key Economic Indicators examines the most important economic statistics currently used on Wall Street.
World Economic Indicators - including key economic data of United States, Euro Zone countries and Japan; publishing primary products prices in the international market
For the latest findings and more information on the monthly and quarterly indicators, including important notes on estimation and sampling variance, seasonal adjustment, measures of sampling variability and other information pertinent to the economic indicators, visit the individual programs' Web pages linked from the Economic Briefing Room.
The Cabinet Office said in a revised report that the composite index of coincident economic indicators posted a rise of 1.
Separately, the Conference Board, a private business research group in New York, said its index of leading economic indicators rose 0.
The composite index of leading economic indicators, which predicts developments over several coming months, was also left unchanged at 92.
Figure 6: Land and population distribution, economic indicators for Austria, 2006
Of the 11 economic indicators comprising of the coincident index for March, nine were available for the preliminary report.

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