gross domestic product

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gross domestic product:

see gross national productgross national product
(GNP), in economics, a quantitative measure of a nation's total economic activity, generally assessed yearly or quarterly. In estimating the GNP, only the final value of a product is counted (e.g., automobiles, but not the steel that they contain).
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gross domestic product

the total value of all goods and services produced domestically by a nation during a year. It is equivalent to gross national product minus net investment incomes from foreign nations
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Through this technological innovation, reducing carbon emissions will reduce economic production far less than is claimed, argues Mr.
Our nation lost out on crucial economic production.
This climate change is a result of pollutants from our dominant system of economic production, which has its origins in Europe's industrial revolution, was expanded greatly during the 20th century by the US, and now is adopted by China and India.
The economic advisor said that money from Friend of Development Pakistan (FODP) would not cause economic growth in short run, adding short term Economic growth will only be achieved through economic production.
Less understood but equally well documented is that ICT also has transformed the relationship between economic production and energy consumption, starting from when sending faxes began to substitute for sending letters.
The contemporary world "has rapidly evolved with the urgent changes that might directly affect the agricultural and economic production, including greenhouse effects, drought and desertification.
Hunton's technology includes 11 patents ranging from water conservation to power management and will allow for the economic production of SNG, steam and power.
The country is partly not meeting coffee production targets as a result of very old coffee trees and a good deal of farms whose age is above the economic production.
Which three-volume work on the theories of economic production was published betwen 1867 and 1894?
Health care cost $560 million, research and support cost $40 million, and lost economic production due to premature death and disability, nearly $1.
1% unemployment rate and a projected decline in economic production this year have limited efforts to boost revenue after implementing a new 5.
It shows how far off economic production we started.

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