gross domestic product

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gross domestic product:

see gross national productgross national product
(GNP), in economics, a quantitative measure of a nation's total economic activity, generally assessed yearly or quarterly. In estimating the GNP, only the final value of a product is counted (e.g., automobiles, but not the steel that they contain).
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gross domestic product

the total value of all goods and services produced domestically by a nation during a year. It is equivalent to gross national product minus net investment incomes from foreign nations
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The capitalist claim that reducing carbon emissions will cost jobs and economic production isn't an argument over the costs of global warming, it is an argument over who pays them.
RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Tables 2###and 3###showed the technical and economic production levels of egg weight (EW) and shell strength (SS), and Haugh unit (HU) in laying hens fedRCVSI and RCVSII.
In the case of Indonesia, the development is always directed towards providing facilities for economic production which contributes to a sustainable economy.
Participants also stressed the necessity to diversify the base of economic production and reduce the continued reliance on non-renewable sector: the oil sector, and reduce the current expansionist fiscal policy, which would be unsustainable if oil prices fell from current high levels, which would result in imbalances in spending and the deficit in the general budget.
Some estimates say the military claims as much as a third of Egypt's economic production, but the true size of the military's commercial wealth remains unreported.
The Society and its members believe in sustainable economic production and livelihood where renewable resources are used and mechanization is regulated with the minimal use of non-renewable resources.
This project seeks to identify, through co-ordination, exchange of information and audit within companies, the Best Available Techniques (BAT), to be adopted for clean economic production and development.
Syria has been able to achieve self-sufficiency of essential crops such as wheat, cotton, vegetables and oil, and it has carried out several rural development projects to improve the local communities and women's role in the economic production in al-Badia.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-August 16, 2011--Finnish economic production stays flat in Jun 2011(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
According to the New Hampshire data, small businesses account for a significant share of the state's economic production and hiring.
The article uses the economic production equation to analyze the production of China's ports over the time period 1995-2007.

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