Edgar Lee Masters

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Masters, Edgar Lee


Born Aug. 23, 1869, in Garnett, Kan.; died Mar. 5, 1950, in Philadelphia, Pa. American writer.

Until 1920, Masters worked as a lawyer. He gained fame for his Spoon River Anthology (1915), a collection of epitaphs that describes the manners and monotonous existence of a small provincial town. He was the author of novels and of fictionalized biographies of A. Lincoln (1931) and W. Whitman (1937) that are not free from exaggerated sensationalism.


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Espada started with a half-hour lecture on the life of Edgar Lee Masters, along with a reading of poems from the book itself.
There is no evidence that Edgar Lee Masters ever returned to Spring Lake.
With bullying, hatred, degradation among us, And days of loathing and nights of fear" -- Edgar Lee Masters (1868-1950), American poet Harry Wilmans
Hernan sabia nombrar la naturaleza (plantas, animales, alimentos) y, si bien sus relatos eran herederos del costumbrismo, estaban dotados de un estilo agil y moderno aprendido en escritores estadounidenses como William Faulkner, Sherwood, Anderson y Edgar Lee Masters.
So even in his textbook account he mentions, along the way, the influence of these populist forces on the work of Edward Arlington Robinson, Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg, Edgar Lee Masters, and the writers of the Harlem Renaissance - among many others.
Because its inception coincided with the Midwestern cultural ferment later known as the Chicago literary renaissance , it is often thought of particularly as the vehicle for the raw, original, local-color poetry of Carl Sandburg, Edgar Lee Masters, Vachel Lindsay, and Sherwood Anderson, but it also championed new formalistic movements in verse.
She is credited with having discovered for the magazine Carl Sandburg and Edgar Lee Masters.
Tras la lectura de Spoon River Anthology, del poeta norteamericano Edgar Lee Masters, Luis Miguel Aguilar, sin arredrarse ante el sambenito de las influencias emprendio un proyecto de escritura muy personal: Chetumal Bay Antologhy.
Robinson, Edgar Lee Masters, Carl Sandburg, Vachel Lindsay, and Robert Frost).
El abogado Edgar Lee Masters nacio en 1869 y se crio en Dewiston, una pequena ciudad de Illinois que seria el modelo del pueblo en donde transcurre su poema narrativo.
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However, it continued to attract notable names: George Sterling, Joaquin Miller, Josiah Royce, Frank Norris, Robinson Jeffes, Edgar Lee Masters, and Jack London.