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Conceivably, some individuals from a population may use matrix habitat and resources in equal or greater proportions to patch resources, thereby obscuring inferences about the influence of forest patch area and edge habitat on white-footed mouse populations when sampling does not occur outside of the patch.
The results showed field edge habitat provides significant benefits from beneficial insects and poses low risks to crop production from insect pests and rodents (Morandin et al.
While it is possible that medium sites contain both species that prefer edge habitat and species that prefer forest-interior habitat, the overall similarity in species noted between width categories suggest that these potential differences in species richness may be negligible.
Hence, we expected to find higher DCP densities in marsh creek or estuarine edge habitats.
Even in the same region and vegetation type, fragment age and disturbance nature may alter structure of an edge habitat (Restrepo et al.
since nest predation from corvids tends to increase at edge habitats (Hannon and Cotterill, 1998), it would be reasonable to expect an increase in warbler nest predation by scrub-jays.
Decapod crustaceans accounted for 83% of the total catch across all habitats, with 84% found within the marsh edge habitat.
In this study, edge habitat was considered as the 50m more external strip, which represents about 25% of the lowest diameter of fragment (~200 meters).
In the past 10 years we have developed the PPG Aquarium into a world-class marine environment, reached a benchmark of one million visitors, built the state-of-the-art Water's Edge habitat and now are one of the top 10 zoos in the country.
This, however, could be a reflection of a higher percentage of forest and forest edge habitat in this study (~40 percent) relative to the area surveyed by Vukovich and Monroe (2005) which is described as primarily open grassland.
Streamside, yellow iris and blue flag are greeting fly fishermen, while daisies and multi-flora roses blossom in field and edge habitat.