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a decree, order, or ordinance issued by a sovereign, state, or any other holder of authority



(Russian, ukaz), in most modern states, an order of the head of state. In its legal content it may be normative—that is, it may establish a new legal norm—or nonnormative, for example, an edict assigning a person to a post or awarding a decoration.

In the USSR, in accordance with the Constitution of the USSR and the constitutions of the Union and autonomous republics, edicts are issued by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR or by the presidia of the supreme soviets of the Union and autonomous republics. Edicts of a normative character, as well as edicts appointing or dismissing officials and members of government, are subject to approval by the appropriate supreme soviet at a regular session. Edicts of a general normative character enter into force throughout the USSR ten days after their publication in lzvestiia or in Vedomosti Verkhovnogo Soveta SSSR (Bulletin of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR), unless another period is specified in the edict. Edicts of a nonnormative character take effect from the moment of their publication unless another time is established by the edict.

Various terms are used in modern bourgeois states to refer to the concept of edict—for example, decret (French), Verordnung (German), and “order” (English).



(1) In Roman law, an authoritative order or statement issued by a magistrate, especially a praetor, upon assumption of office to present his program. The edict remained in force throughout the magistrate’s term. In practice, the basic legal provisions of the praetorian edict were recopied from year to year and thus took on a general normative character. In the second century A.D., the Roman jurist Salvius Julianus drew up the final text of the praetorian edict.

(2) In the Roman Empire and a number of the medieval monarchies of Western Europe, a type of law issued by the emperor or sovereign. An example of such an edict is the Edict of Nantes, which was issued in 1598 in France.

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AaCapitalising on the reach of satellite television, once considered forbidden by many hardline Muslims, a number of clerics have started to use the medium to issue religious edicts, or fatwas.
The first article of this edict stipulates that the Social Development Ministry is the relevant administrative body and the Social Development Minister the relevant minister.
In addition to the Vi-har edict of Anantdeva I, the following Shilahara edicts include ass curses in Marathi:
The Prime Minister also issued an edict reforming the Bahrain Internet Exchange board of directors.
Under edict 41/2015, Usama Isa Bu Hajiya was appointed Coordination Director at the Deputy Prime Minister's Office.
Edict 24 appointed Iman Faisal Janahi as Acting Director for Youth Affairs at the General Organization for Youth and Sport and Iyad Mohammed Hamza as Acting Director for Clubs Affairs.
The first edict number 2 appointed Tawfiq Ahmed Mansour as Foreign Ministry Organisations Acting Director, Ahmed Abdullah Al Hermesi Al Hajeri as Arab Affairs Acting Director, Hassan Riyadh Attiyatallah Al Zayani as Protocols and Conferences Acting Director, Yussef Mohammed Abdullah Jamil as GCC Affairs Acting Director and Haifa Ali Ahmed Matar as the Two Americas Affairs Acting Director.
BNA) -- His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa today issued three Edicts for this year.
Mohammed Morsy's webpage on FACEBOOK revealed in a special statement that the Egyptian President closely followed up public reactions to edicts he had issued and decided to suspend taxation pertaining to 50 products and services lest the enforcement of these edicts should lead to price hikes and increase the cost of living for Egyptians.
Edict (26) appoints three Directors in the Electricity and Water Authority: - Ms.
1 of this Edict in the vacant slot in the Ministry of Interior's directorates according to the duties and responsibilities of each directorate and the necessary conditions applicable to the position's occupant whilst observant to his qualifications and experience.
Manama: July 4 -- (BNA)-- His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa the Prime Minister issued seven Edicts for the year 2013.