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the number of copies printed of a given title. In the USSR and other socialist countries, the number of copies printed of a book, pamphlet, or similar publication is planned in advance by the publisher in consultation with book-trade organizations after ascertaining the readers’ demand for the projected title. Short runs have up to 15,000 copies, medium runs, up to 100,000 copies, and mass long runs, more than 100,000 copies. Long runs are usually printed by several repeat runs (in Russian, zavody) owing to the large volume of printing that must be met at any one time. In the publication of some types of material, the size of the edition affects the author’s royalties. The number of copies in an edition is generally indicated in the publication information (the imprint).

In the capitalist countries, the size of the edition is determined by the publisher after surveying the book market and calculating the projected profit. As a rule, the number of copies printed is not indicated in the publication information.

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