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see TokyoTokyo
, city (1990 pop. 8,163,573), capital of Japan and of Tokyo prefecture, E central Honshu, at the head of Tokyo Bay. The Tokyo-Yokohama metropolitan area is the world's most populous metropolitan area, with over 28,000,000 people.
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, Japan.
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EDO DRAM availability has been severely restricted, and the shortages have caused hardship on companies that need EDO solutions now.
This volume of essays examines the character and development of Edo and Paris, mainly from the 1590s to 1790s, treating state power and mercantile influence as the key variables in urban change.
EDO Corporation provides military products and professional services to the US, UK, and other allied governments, and their prime defense contractors.
Smith, President and Chief Executive officer of EDO Corporation.
surprised the industry by announcing its abundance of EDO (Extended Data
The severe shortage of EDO DRAM components can be worked around by using the more available Fast Page Mode (FPM) which combined with additional external logic can produce identical functionality and equivalent performance as an EDO DRAM.
Over the past two years, EDO has acquired three companies that serve the intelligence community, which have now been combined to form the new Intelligence and Information Warfare business sector.
This communication is being made in respect of the proposed merger involving EDO and ITT Corporation.
Standard EDO DRAM chips are made by semiconductor manufacturers.
EDO Corporation (NYSE:EDO) announced recently that its EDO Reconnaissance and Surveillance Systems has been awarded the following contracts valued collectively at $10.
In 2005, EDO acquired Fiber Innovations, Inc, a leader in the specialty processes of braiding, resin transfer molding, and vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding.
EDO will work directly with the Air Launched Munitions Integrated Project Team.