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electrical metallic tubing

A thin-walled metal raceway having a circular cross section; used to pull in or withdraw electric cables or wires after the tubing is installed in place; uses connectors and couplings other than the threaded type.
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The literature offers a wealth of evidence both supporting and contradicting efficient market theory.
Many less precise discussions of the efficient market theory equate the theory with the property that speculative price changes exhibit a random walk around the fair expected return.
He wrote a number of influential books on a wide range of topics, including Capital Ideas on the efficient market theory (1991), Against the Gods: the Remarkable Story of Risk (1996), and Wedding of the Waters: The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation (2005).
While perhaps not striking at the heart of the efficient market theory, it surely will result in discussion about how to modify the theory.
According to the popular Efficient Market Theory, stock price variations are random and, as such, are not predictable.

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