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a climatic and peloid seaside health resort in Rumania, on the Black Sea, 13 km south of Constanţa. Population, 8,400 (1974). Summers in Eforie are very warm, with a mean July temperature of 23°C; winters are very mild, with a mean January temperature of 2°C. Precipitation totals about 400 mm a year.

Eforie offers heliotherapy, aerotherapy, and sea bathing from mid-June to late September; grape cure and pelotherapy using silt mud from Lake Techirghiol, located 3 km from Eforie, are also available. Conditions treated at Eforie include skin diseases, women’s diseases, and diseases of the musculoskeletal, endocrine, and nervous systems.

Eforie has facilities for tourism, including sanatoriums, houses of rest, a balneopelotherapy clinic, hotels, and boarding hotels. The peloid health resort of Techirghiol is located in the environs of Eforie; the climatic health resort of Mangalia is 25 km south of Eforie.

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Modern resorts, such as Mamaia, Eforie Nord and Saturn, are all accessible.
She participated in international and national congresses in Barcelona, Kassel, Kaen, Sofia, Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara, Eforie, etc.
In particular, I am referring here to three cases of forced evictions in Romania (happened in the cities of Cluj-Napoca, Baia Mare, and Eforie Sud in the past four years), respectively to the declarations and actions of the mayors of these cities by which they administered the eviction of poor Roma communities from their settlements and justified their interventions.
Also in regard to finances, we found very interesting the compulsiveness that the asylums' budget should be completely separated by those of either the Eforie or the Epitropy, whereas the extra revenue of the asylums would be utilized solely "for the benefit of the alienated" (the principle of equity).
The tour starts in Chisinau, the Moldovan capital, and includes the Bulgarian Black Sea resorts of Albena and Balchik, the Orheiul Vechi monastery and the city of Kahului in Moldova and the resort of Eforie Nord in Romania, etc.
The resorts in the highest demand, particularly among the young, are Mamaia, Eforie, Costinesti and Vama Veche.
000 inhabitants and includes the following cities and resorts: Constanta, Navodari, Mamaia, Techirghiol, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Costinesti, Neptun, Cap Aurora, Olimp, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mangalia, localities 2 Mai and Vama Veche.
Being placed in the proximity of Constantza, Agigea and Eforie, has a direct access to a well qualified workforce and to the existing facilities in this area.
This research experiment took place at "Carmen Sylva" High school in Eforie Sud, in the school gym, between October 13, 2008 and May 15, 2009 at grades V A and V B.
Out of the 70 existing spas only 25 are classified as of national interest, and just some of these attract a few foreign tourists: Baile Felix, Baile Herculane, Calimanesti-Caciulata, Covasna, Bale Tusnad, Slanic Moldova, Vatra Dornei, Eforie, Mangalia (mdrt.
She was residing, for purposes of secret training, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the city of Eforie.