a lake in southwestern Turkey, in the northwest spurs of the Taurus Mountains; situated in an intermontane basin at an elevation of 924 m. Lake Eğridir has a length of approximately 50 km and an area of approximately 320 sq km. The shores of the south side of the lake are steep, but those on the north side, around the isolated reach known as Hoyran, slope gently. The Eğridir is a freshwater lake, although there is no surface runoff. It is thought that water drains from the lake through karst cavities underground.

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Kantarci (1991) reported that the Kovada channel is strongly related with ecological land classification of the Egridir Watershed and Pinus brutia is widespread in the Watershed because of the Kovada Channel.
Inland, Lake Egridir is surrounded by mountains, lush meadows and a national park.