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/A/. Software Portability Group, U Waterloo. A typeless language derived from (and similar to) B. Provides guaranteed order of evaluation for side effects in expressions. Also character indexing operators.

See also Zed.

["Eh Reference Manual", R.S.C. Braga, RR CS-76-45, U Waterloo, Nov 1976].


The country code for Western Sahara.
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An 'ow much will it cost ter change all the signposts this time then, eh?
I mean, if yer see a roadsign an' it gets the name of the town yer goin' wrong, right, then why the 'ell should yer believe 'ow many miles it is, eh?
which is fair dos mind coz Our Kyle probbly chucked it up there in the fest place eh?
Got a few nights fiddly security on a site over Stockton 'aven a, eh?
They'll be thousands of 'em wanderin' round all dazed though, eh?
An all youse owlder gadgies, yer all Ronnies and Billys and Bobs an that aren't yer eh?