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But banning such acts of kindness on public health grounds invites suspicion that El Cajon officials' real goal is to drive the homeless away.
The El Cajon Branch will continue to operate as usual under the Opus Bank brand until the transaction is completed.
The acquisition includes approximately USD 28m in deposits held at the El Cajon branch.
Free to attend, the opening reception will be held on August 7, 2015, from 5 - 8 pm at Sophie's Gallery in El Cajon.
El Cajon, northeast of downtown San Diego, is home to one of the largest Iraqi communities in the United States.
El Cajon police said they are investigating the possibility of a hate crime.
San Diego area has arrested a joint Iraqi-Mexican gang, trading in trafficking of narcotics in the city of El Cajon, according to a radiio report by those authorities on Saturday.
Jolicoeur, 67, formerly of Worcester, died on Thursday, April 21, 2011 in Country Hills Nursing Home, El Cajon, CA, after a long illness.
In October, El Cajon City Manager Kathi Henry ordered the removal of WallBuilders" videos from the city-supported station, Channel 24, after receiving a complaint from a resident.
Now the product line of the El Cajon firm Skatestoppers includes an "architectural series" with such imagery as frogs, maple leafs and flowers.
EL CAJON AFRO PERUANO By Rafael Santa Cruz 177 pages Cocodrilo Verde Ediciones Lima, Peru, 2004
Ephrem's in El Cajon, for example, parishioners kneel, Stations of the Cross line the walls of the church, and the rosary and eucharistic adoration are part of weekly parish life.