El Obeid

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Obeid, El:

see Al UbayyidAl Ubayyid
or El Obeid
, city (1993 pop. 229,425), S central Sudan. It is a rail terminus, a road and camel caravan junction, and the end of a pilgrim road from Nigeria. Al Ubayyid is also a trade and transshipment point.
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, Sudan.

El Obeid

a city in the central Sudan, in Kordofan province: scene of the defeat of a British and Egyptian army by the Mahdi (1883). Pop.: 423 000 (2005 est.)
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Mekki Abdulla, Director General, Ministry of Agriculture, at the Governor's office in El Obeid.
The sprawling El Obeid diocese is one of the world's largest and is certainly its most politically troubled.
aircraft were present at the El Obeid airbase in Northern Kordofan on 28 June,
A Washington-based monitoring organisation, Satellite Sentinal Project, said imagery and analysis indicated the north Sudanese armed forces had gathered heavy armour and artillery around El Obeid, about 430 km (270 miles) north of Abyei.
Students demonstrated their skill in preparing a meal plan for a person being treated with cancer and discussed the importance of a healthy diet in disease prevention," Dr El Obeid said.
Media reports suggest that the United States, Britain and Israel are pressuring Sudan to hand over the city of El Obeid to the North in exchange for the lifting of sanctions and financial aid.
The expelled organizations were coping with at least 40 per cent of all the humanitarian help," said Menegazzo, the apostolic administrator of El Obeid, the Sudanese diocese, which covers Darfur.
Now 23, Dr Murahid is practising medicine in the Sudan desert city of El Obeid.
Bishop Macram Gassis of the Diocese of El Obeid in Sudan will celebrate mass in Rathfarnham in Dublin this weekend to mark Mission Sunday.
A message has also been sent from the Catholic Bishop of El Obeid, whose diocese includes Darfur.
Egyptian diplomat Ahmed Hassanein set out by camel from the west coast heading for the oases of Siwa and Kufra in the Libyan Desert: his eight-month journey in 1923 took him to El Obeid in the Sudan, some 2,200 miles, and led him to discover several lost oases, where he found primitive drawings of strange animals such as lions and giraffes.
Sudan has two other refineries - El Gily, with a nameplate capacity of 50,000 b/d; and El Obeid, with a capacity of 10,000 b/d.

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