Electrical Plug

What does it mean when you dream about an electrical plug?

Electricity is associated, naturally enough, with energy and power. Electricity can also be dangerous or “shocking.” As a slang, “electric” means superlative.

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He doesn't just stick his finger in the electrical plug socket, he burns the house down," Hiddleston told (http://www.
Contract award notice: The framework agreement concerns the delivery and installation of student cabinets with and without electrical plug charging.
They added a 220 electrical plug so when the trucks came they would plug in and pump milk out of the cooler.
The slot for the neutral wire is wider than the slot for the hot wire, making it difficult to insert an electrical plug the wrong way.
Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is defined as an appliance that has an electrical plug or is battery operated.
The PAPR Wall Case features a covered pass-through for electrical plug, which allows battery charging while in storage and keeps dirt and moisture out.
The person saw that the air-conditioning electrical plug had caught fire and flames were catching onto the curtains.
A WOMAN has admitted failing to seek veterinary attention for her dog when he swallowed an electrical plug and cable.
cables pulled from the electrical plug, electrical switch box and/or the pump itself).
said Tuesday it has developed an electrical plug and outlet which could allow businesses to start new services such as charging individuals for electricity used in public spaces by enabling them to identify individual users when the plugs are used in such spaces.
That's because there's a bright orange Highway Department cone in the middle of the office, resting on top of an extension cord, running from an electrical plug to power strips in the rear of the office.
The vehicle uses Toyota's hybrid technology with the added benefit that the batteries can be fully recharged using a standard electrical plug or an electrical charging post to extend the driving range in electric mode.
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