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The coagulation of tissue by means of a high-frequency electric current.



a therapeutic method of cauterizing tissues with a high-frequency (diathermic) current received from special electron-tube generators. The method is used in the treatment of some tumors, erosions, and inflammatory processes, as well as to stop bleeding during operations. Depending on the purpose and the segment subject to electrocoagulation, active electrodes of different shapes (needle, disk, sphere, and loop) are used to permit cautery, coagulation, or dissection of tissues.

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1-3 In addition to marginal excision, ligation or electrocoagulation of the cyst pedicle should be a part of the surgical procedure to avoid recurrences.
Laparoscopic fimbrioplasty and neosalpingostomy were done using bipolar electrocoagulation and conventional endoscopic instruments.
It was pulsating, and when gently grasping this tissue with forceps, pulsating bleeding from the top of this soft tissue was shown, which stopped by electrocoagulation.
Severe hematuria after transurethral electrocoagulation in a patient with an arteriovesical fistula," BMC Urology, vol.
Other used methods are cryotherapy combined with electrocoagulation or argon laser photocoagulation.
Endoscopic surgery, local cautery, electrocoagulation, cryotherapy and laser therapy are the various treatment modalities.
Similar to the electrocoagulation, HIFU results in tissue coagulation necrosis, which can potentially lead to local tissue weakness.
Ablative therapies, such as sclerotherapy, CO2 laser, liquid nitrogen and electrocoagulation have been described with varying success.
Removal of turbidity and suspended solids by electrocoagulation to improve feed water quality of reverse osmosis plant.
In a beauty clinic, electrocoagulation or diathermy is also used to remove unwanted facial hair.
Dura mater on tumor side was gently handled in order to identify lateral tumor attachments and tumor de-bulking starts using sharp dissection using a microsurgical technique and minimal bipolar electrocoagulation in order to avoid thermal and mechanical injury to the spinal cord.

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