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The coagulation of tissue by means of a high-frequency electric current.



a therapeutic method of cauterizing tissues with a high-frequency (diathermic) current received from special electron-tube generators. The method is used in the treatment of some tumors, erosions, and inflammatory processes, as well as to stop bleeding during operations. Depending on the purpose and the segment subject to electrocoagulation, active electrodes of different shapes (needle, disk, sphere, and loop) are used to permit cautery, coagulation, or dissection of tissues.

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Optimization of the electrocoagulation process for the removal of copper Lead and cadmium in the natural wastewaters and simulated wastewater.
Through an affiliate company, AWWT has five (5) patents and two (2) patents pending on electrocoagulation technology.
Electrocoagulation appears to require shorter treatment times, causes fewer symptoms during treatment sessions, and gets patients back to work faster, Dr.
Areas confirmed as abnormal by biopsy are treated by electrocoagulation or laser (both use heat to destroy tissue), by cryosurgery (which uses cold instead) or may be removed by diathermy loop excision (DLE).
Building on successful testing beginning in early 2008 to remove barium from contaminated produced water from South America, Planet Resource has treated and successfully removed heavy metals and other solids from flowback water, produced water, and ground water runoff by initiation of an (EC) electrocoagulation process used in conjunction with its proprietary chemical solution, PetroLuxus(TM).
It base its innovative character in the use of an optimized electrocoagulation reactor, that allows nitrogen abatement, while producing as residues a solid fraction that poses great calorific potential as biomass, and a NPK liquid effluent ready to be used as
Areas confirmed as abnormal by the biopsy are treated by electrocoagulation or laser (both use heat to destroy tissue) or by cryosurgery (which uses cold to destroy tissue).
They will spearhead the introduction of the company's IFS, MBS and WITS Electrocoagulation (EC) technologies via their powerful network which reaches the highest levels of corporate and governmental America.
CAUTERY: Electrocoagulation (diathermy) can be used to burn through and seal the fallopian tube
has successfully installed its patented electrocoagulation system into the Town of Keysville's Wastewater Treatment Plant (Press Release 11/22/04).
There are treatments for this purely cosmetic problem such as destruction of the visible parts of the veins by freezing, electrolysis, laser treatment or electrocoagulation.
Package 1 - Videonystagmograf- Package 2 - Camera ultrasound- Package 3 - Camera EMG with WPW- Package 4 - Respirator- Package 5 - Electrocoagulation Eye- Package 6 - bed intensive care- Package 7 - Diagnostic spirometer.

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