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This was attributed to the electromagnetic radiation from mobile towers.
He and Mariea have worked closely for the past year to help educate those on the front line of treating disorders regarding the hazards of electromagnetic radiation on people.
Although small, the new study raises the possibility that long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones could adversely affect bone mineralization.
Believing that electromagnetic radiation was an underlying cause of his ill health, Doyon moved to a house out of cell phone range in the mountains of Saga Prefecture, Japan.
In recent studies, several teams have proposed rigid shells or walls--invisibility shields--that would interact with electromagnetic radiation in new ways.
Permeability of the blood-brain barrier in rats induced by continuous wave and pulse-modulated 915 MHz electromagnetic radiation exposure in TEM-cells.
The potential health problems associated with mobile phone electromagnetic radiation could be a `time bomb'.
Which form(s) of electromagnetic radiation has a wavelength less than the size of water molecules?
Its decision is in re- sponse to a study by the Australian Con-sumers' Association which found that using hands-free kits could reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation by 92 per cent.
A quarter of callers to one campaign group monitoring the possible health impact of electromagnetic radiation have complained that their cordless phones have caused short-term memory loss and headaches.
Panel splits over risk of power-line cancer,'' Daily News, June 25, concerning the potential hazards of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation from power lines, is an example of ``fish out of water'' expertise.
HAARP first gained attention in 1993 when the Federal Aviation Administration began advising commercial pilots about the large amounts of electromagnetic radiation that HAARP could generate, possibly interrupting pilot communication and electronic instrumentation.

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