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Applying least square method, "partial and temporary unified electromagnetic theory so far" can be expressed in the following form of "partial and temporary unified electromagnetic variational principle so far"
The shielding function of ESF is mainly determined by its conductivity and magnetic permeability according to the electromagnetic theory [11].
In fact, it is safe to say that Electromagnetic theory has been an essential ingredient in the development of every electrical device or system that we now take for granted.
In the classical electromagnetic theory, these are typically given as two alternate conditions, known as the gauge conditions.
19) The Londons' aim was not to test electromagnetic theory, but to refine our understanding of superconductivity phenomena.
The text approaches the relevant problems both from the electromagnetic theory based on Maxwell's equations and from the circuit theory based on Kirchoff and Ohm's laws.
Energy from the Vacuum presents a historical development of classical electromagnetic theory and includes the marginalization of the quaternion formulation.
Such success was surely driven by its advocates' assumptions concerning the properties of the luminiferous ether, though many of them are false and imply a total failure of reference, by the standards of electromagnetic theory.
Electromagnetic theory (for instance) predicts a multitude of observable and (as yet) unobservable events, relationships, and effects.
There is no such language on the evidence against, say, quantum theory, or electromagnetic theory, and so on, only against evolution.
This is the Maxwell who deftly described all of classical electromagnetic theory in terms of a few elegant differential equations.
Molecular structure from Linus Pauling, electromagnetic theory from William Smythe, and Norman Davidson and Harden McConnell's group meetings provided ample stimulation.

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