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The author has organized the main body of his text in six chapters devoted to an introduction to the analysis of nanostructures, structure and the principles of electron microscopes, the practice of HREM, characterization by HREM, the electron diffraction analysis of nanostructured materials, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
A sampling of topics: present and future of Si-based transistor technology for memories; parameters of intrinsic point defects in silicon based on crystal growth, wafer processing, self- and metal- diffusion; wafer strength and slip generation behavior in 300 mm wafers; growth kinetics and electrical properties of ultrathin silicon dioxide layers; mobility enhancement and strain integration in advanced CMOS; breakthrough of in-line inspection technology in volume production for 65 nm node and beyond; and local strain measurement on strained Si/SiGe heterostructures using convergent beam electron diffraction analysis.
High-resolution TEM and electron diffraction analysis showed the structure of the nanowires to be that of the monoclinic [beta] phase; however, micro-Raman and PL studies on the nanowires showed some interesting features.

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