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(Electronic-CIGARETTE) A cigarette-shaped canister filled with liquid nicotine in various potencies. A vapor is inhaled, giving the person the satisfaction of a tobacco cigarette. The user's inhalation triggers the unit to heat and atomize the liquid into a vapor and also makes the tip glow red, white or blue, depending on brand.

Although many people use them to help quit smoking or to cut down on smoking, e-cigarettes are designed as a tobacco substitute, and vendors naturally want perpetual customers. For regular users, their advantage is twofold: they are healthier because there is no smoke and no tar, and secondly, people are able to use them in many venues where cigarettes are prohibited. Called "vaping" (for vaporizing), the various exhaled vapor aromas are mild, pleasing and nowhere near as unsavory to other people as is tobacco cigarette smoke.

The Liquid Content
Called "e-liquid," "e-juice" or "smoke juice," the liquid in an e-cigarette cartridge contains propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), both used as food additives, along with flavoring and nicotine. The propylene glycol is thinner than the vegetable glycerin and tends to keep the heating element cleaner; however, some people can be allergic to it. The vegetable glycerin causes fewer reactions, creates thicker plumes of vapor and provides a weaker throat hit. Some brands use a mixture of the two. See e-joint.

The blu Brand
Available in various flavors in the U.S., glycerin-based blu brand cartridges last about the same as a pack of regular cigarettes. The batteries are rated at a thousand recharges, and the tip glows blue rather than red or white.
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