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(1) See digital coins.

(2) (eCash) An earlier Web payments service developed in the 1990s by Amsterdam-based DigiCash, Inc. It used a blind signature encryption method and required an active account from an eCash member bank. Digital coins were stored in the eCash Purse digital wallet on the customer's computer, and coins were deducted from the wallet when a purchase was made at eCash-compliant sites. The system was regulated by adding a serial number to each coin. When the merchant received the coins, they were sent to the customer's bank for verification. If a coin matched the serial number of a coin that had already been spent, fraudulent activity was detected.

Despite this innovative system, not enough banks participated for its success, and in 1999, eCash Technologies, Inc. acquired DigiCash. In turn, eCash was bought in 2002 by InfoSpace, Inc., Bellevue, WA and absorbed into its payment solutions unit. See Web payments service.
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For additional information on Casio's full portfolio of electronic cash registers, please visit www.
In parallel, the Philippines was the main destination of electronic cash transfers from Lebanon with $37.
PayPal, on the other hand, is an electronic holding account for electronic cash transactions.
Why electronic cash Requirements for electronic cash SUICA competitor for e-Cash: Edy overview and explanation JR-East partners with Convenience store chain FamilyMart Cash register (POS) with SUICA reader/writer Images of stores which accept SUICA during the monitor test period, and after introduction Suica as e-cash at the Kiosk Luggage locker operated by SUICA Mobile SUICA field trial
When a shopper presents an electronic cash card for payment, the SVS system converts the sale amount to the base currency of the card, deducts the amount of the sale, and calculates the remaining balance in the base currency.
It's clear that shoppers all across America are comfortable using electronic cash as a means of gift giving and receiving in-store credit for merchandise returns.
Nasdaq: INTV) have agreed upon details of a strategic alliance to develop, market and deliver global mobile commerce solutions for conducting secure electronic cash payment transactions using mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other wireless devices.
Utilizing Windows, the Electronic Cash Management System features a graphical user interface (GUI), open architecture and a modular design that will provide a seamless link to all cash management products and services available at Michigan National.
Sharp is unveiling a new, easy-to-use electronic cash register with enhanced capabilities that small retailers will appreciate.
Mondex is a smart card-based electronic cash payment system being
The sleek, compact device easily integrates with Hypercom, VeriFone and Ingenico card payment terminals as well as leading electronic cash register systems, allowing retailers to quickly take advantage of the increase in PIN-based and contactless card transactions.
29 /PRNewswire/ -- In the last 60 days, CP8 Transac has received orders for nearly four and one-half million smart cards strengthening CP8's position as a leading worldwide supplier of electronic cash cards.

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