Electrostatic Field

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electrostatic field

[i‚lek·trə′stad·ik ′fēld]
A time-independent electric field, such as that produced by stationary charges.

Electrostatic Field


an electric field that consists of stationary electric charges interacting with each other. Like a variable electric field, an electrostatic field may be characterized by electric field strength E, which is the ratio of the force acting on a charge to the magnitude of the charge. The lines of force, which determine the field strength, are not closed: they extend from positive charges to negative charges. In dielectrics, the electrostatic field is characterized by the vector D, known as electric flux density (seeINDUCTION, ELECTRICAL AND MAGNETIC), which satisfies Gauss’ theorem.

An electrostatic field is a potential field; that is, the work of the field in moving an electric charge between two points does not depend on the shape of the trajectory. Over a closed path, the work is equal to zero. Owing to its potential character, an electrostatic field can be represented by a single scalar function—the electrostatic potential φ, which is related to the vector E by the equation E = – grad φ. The potential φ satisfies Poisson’s equation.

In a homogeneous dielectric, the electrostatic field is decreased by a factor oft, where e is the permittivity. The electrostatic field inside a conductor is equal to zero, whereas all points on the conductor’s surface have the same potential φ. If there is a cavity in the conductor, the electrostatic field in the cavity is also equal to zero. Electrostatic shielding is based on the latter phenomenon.


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The resulting electrostatic field at the apex surface will be lower than predicted by Eq.
This setup based on alternative electrostatic field allows us to orient one fiber at a time on a determined orientation.
0] is the electrostatic field strength at the wire surface, S--the area surface, [tau]--the electric charge linear density, h--the wire length, [[epsilon].
T-ESC([R])-Technology is based on using an electrostatic field to apply an electrical force on materials of even lower conductivity.
5 million km from Earth, the two test masses will be released from a locking mechanism and held in position with a weak electrostatic field that can be very precisely controlled.
The particles generated were indeed "corralled" by a narrow electrostatic field, so protecting areas of the exposed surface.
This perpendicular arrangement results from a process called flocking, where the fibers are sprayed onto the tip of the swab, while it is held in an electrostatic field.
Precise measurement of the static charge over a free-span web surface was performed with a hand-held electrostatic field meter.
The principle of the electrospinning method is quite simple--the electrostatic field stretches the polymer solution into fibers at the same time as the solvent evaporates.
That charge makes a high voltage electrostatic field that when discharged can fry the circuits in the RF-382 antenna coupler.
In his work on the relative cross sections for electron and positron emission Hippler (25) argued that the incident particle was either accelerated or decelerated by the nuclear electrostatic field.
Charged flakes leave the drum and fall through an electrostatic field and separate into positive and negative fractions.

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