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, city (1989 pop. 120,000), E central Russia, on the Sosna River, a tributary of the Don. A rail junction in a black-earth agricultural district, the city exports livestock and grain. Yelets has been famed for its lace since the 19th cent.
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, Russia.



a city in Lipetsk Oblast of the RSFSR, on the Sosna River (a tributary of the Don) and the Moscow-Voronezh highway. Located 78 km west of Lipetsk. A junction of railroad lines to Moscow, Orel, Valuiki, Griazi, and Troekurovo. Population, 102,000 (1971; 43,000 in 1926, 51,000 in 1939).

Elets is first mentioned in a chronicle in 1146. Founded as a fortified point in the principality of Riazan’ for defense against the Polovtsy, it was destroyed in 1237 by the forces of Baty, and in 1395 was seized by Tamerlane. The ravages of the Tatars in 1415 and 1450 brought the city into decline, but it was restored at the end of the 16th century. In 1778 it became a district administrative center.

Elets produces machinery and equipment (a voltaic cell and a hydraulic tractor assemblies plant, the Prozhektornye Ugli Plant, the Gidroprivod Plant, a machine shop, and a medical equipment plant) and construction materials. It has a meat-packing combine, a sugar refinery, a tannery, and clothing, knit-wear, tobacco, and cardboard factories. Elets is famous for lace-making. It has a teachers college, a railroad transport technicum, a medical school, and a music school. There is a museum of local lore in the city.


Elets. Lipetsk, 1961.
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When he came to himself after his illness he saw in attendance on him two of his servants, Terenty and Vaska, who had come from Moscow; and also his cousin the eldest princess, who had been living on his estate at Elets and hearing of his rescue and illness had come to look after him.
Sample 27, depth 2637-2641 m, Ostashkovichi-2R core; Drozdy Regional Stage, Elets Regional Superstage, Lower Famennian, Upper Devonian.
Won 'The Best IT Solution Provider of the Year' award at NBFC 100 Tech Summit, 2017 organised by Elets Technomedia in Mumbai, "Enterprise Mobility Management Solution of the Year" at the Indian ISV Awards 2017.
4 kV transmission line, and reconstruction of the 110 kV substation located in Elets Gryazi and Dankovsky District under contracts TP (lot 328), a branch of PJSC "IDGC of Center" (fi .
Majid bin Ali Al-Nuaimi received Bahrain Bayan School chairperson Dr Shaikha Mai Al Otaibi, Elets Technomedia Pvt.
Left) Sequin knit sweater, $56; dark wash skinny jeans, $79; long necklace, $22; tassel necldace $35; stone bracelet, $16 (Middle left) Fringe sweater cardigan, $35; leopard tank, $26; dark wash skinny jeans, $79; initial gold bar necklace, $59; bra elets, $21; wedges, $32 (Middle right) Crochet tunic sweater, $47; Patina cross necklace, $32; Patina initial necklace, $24; acai bead bracelets, $18; sandals, $29 (Far right) Black/gold ostrich dress, $130; rhinestone bracelet, $36; teardrop earrings, $28 28 Market Ct.
elets CloudGov 2014 is an effort to provide a platform to the major stakeholders of the cloud technology to discuss and debate the emergence and viability of the Cloud services in India, and other related technologies in both government sector and private sector.
En caso contrario, se aceptaba la organizacion de la leva y la busqueda de formulas para afrontarla, si bien con la condicion de que <<no puguen delliberar ni resoldre cosa alguna sens intervencio de tots los sis elets y concurs de tots los vots de aquells concordantment et nemine discrepante y no de altra manera>> (31).
54 As late as the summer of 1934, when Osinskii and several companions drove out to inspect harvest preparations, they discovered in fact that the road between Elets and Voronezh--covering a distance of nearly 100 km--no longer existed, even though it appeared on their map.
By the end of 1923, the retailer operated ten divisions with approximately 25 branch stores in Moscow and Leningrad and opened stores in Tambov-Voronezh, Nizhngorov, Saratov, Orel, Elets, Kursk, Tula, Krasnodar, Samara, Perm, Tiumen, Ekaterinburg, and Khar'kov.