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For persons thus named, use Elizabeth.
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In my interpretation, Elisabeth repaid the support of the Brabantine dynasty--if not their support of Elisabeth personally, then their support of William of Ryckel--by throwing her weight behind the queen.
Nicholas and Elisabeth moved to Brynmeheryn, the house in Ystrad Meurig where the writer lives now, after it was given to him by Monica Rawlins.
The thesis of the book is that Amalia Elisabeth was a politically-savvy, deeply pious, manipulative, and strong woman who, despite the odds against her, worked the political system to her advantages and obtained nearly everything she wanted for her beloved children, her land of Hesse-Cassel, and her deeply-held Reformed faith.
If you would like to request a delivery, email Elisabeth at info@onemilebakery.
Her parents died in recent years and although both were buried in Germany, Elisabeth decided she wanted her mother remembered in England.
Elisabeth, 42, who suffers from severe hypervigilance - which means she constantly wants to check on her children - has regular therapy sessions.
Princess Elisabeth was a first-rate scholar and a royal without a realm.
Vanuit haar kwetsbaarheid zocht Elisabeth Eybers naar bescherming.
Margaret had Amy at the Simpson Memorial Maternity Hospital in Edinburgh and Elisabeth and Jim were in the room when she entered the world.
And he reckons it's all thanks to his wonderful girlfriend, Elisabeth Harris.
Elisabeth MacNamara: California, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee