Ellesmere Island

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Ellesmere Island,

82,119 sq mi (212,688 sq km), c.500 mi (800 km) long, in the Arctic Ocean, N Nunavut Territory, Canada; second largest and northernmost island of the Arctic ArchipelagoArctic Archipelago
, group of more than 50 large islands, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, N Canada, in the Arctic Ocean. The southernmost members of the group include Baffin (the archipelago's largest island), Victoria, Banks, Prince of Wales, and Somerset islands; N of
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. It is separated from NW Greenland by a narrow passage. The island's coast is indented by deep fjords. The interior plateau rises more than 2,000 ft (610 m) above sea level; the United States Ranges, in the north, are c.11,000 ft (3,350 m) high. An ice cap covers much of the island's east side. In snow-free areas vegetation supports large herds of musk oxen. There are scientific stations and some Inuit (Eskimo) settlements on the island. First sighted by the British explorer William BaffinBaffin, William,
c.1584–1622, British arctic explorer. He was pilot on two expeditions (1615–16) sent out to search for the Northwest Passage under command of Robert Bylot, who was formerly with Henry Hudson.
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 in 1616, Ellesmere Island was explored in the latter half of the 19th cent. Since the 1950s the island has been the site of many glaciological, geological, and geographical expeditions.


See J. Kobalenko, The Horizontal Everest: Extreme Journeys on Ellesmere Island (2002).

Ellesmere Island

a Canadian island in the Arctic Ocean: part of Nunavut; mountainous, with many glaciers. Area: 212 688 sq. km (82 119 sq. miles)
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First discovered by the Soviet high-latitude expeditions in 1948, the Lomonosov Ridge spans 1,800 km from the New Siberian Islands over the central part of the ocean to Ellesmere Island of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.
The Rangers are patrolling on Ellesmere Island as part of Operation NUNALIVUT 08.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The temperature in the permafrost on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian high Arctic is nearly as cold as that of the surface of Mars.
Washington, May 24 ( ANI ): The temperature in the permafrost on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian high Arctic has been found to be nearly as cold as that of the surface of Mars.
A team led by paleobiologist Natalia Rybczynski of the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa found roughly 30 fragments of a camel's lower leg bone on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic.
Scientists have found the remains of a giant camel in northern Canada's Arctic Ellesmere Island.
Fossil fragments from a lower leg bone were collected from Ellesmere Island, off Greenland.
The ministers announced that negotiators have reached a tentative agreement on where to establish the maritime boundary in the Lincoln Sea, the body of water north of Ellesmere Island and Greenland.
The plane was scheduled to continue on to Grise Fiord on Ellesmere Island.
Now, Mech goes to Ellesmere Island in remote northern Canada, 600 miles from the North Pole, every July.
Anderson takes readers to an Inuit community on Canada's Ellesmere Island, a hunting village marked with recent kills--a walrus, a bear, "the head of a narwhal, sitting in a pool of its congealed blood with its single, spiral lance pointing ten feet up into the sky.
There is an entire skeleton of the giant hoofed plant-eater Uintatberium, with its dagger-like teeth and multiple horns; the skeleton model of Puijila darwini, a newly discovered extinct "walking seal," from the High Arctic, with webbed feet instead of flippers; a life-size model of Indricotherium, the largest land mammal that ever lived; one of the oldest fossilized bats ever found; and an impressive diorama featuring the once warm and humid swamps and forests of Ellesmere Island, located in the High Arctic, about 50,000,000 years ago.