Elliot Lake

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Elliot Lake,

city (1991 pop. 14,089), S central Ont., Canada, W of Sudbury. The focus of a 1950s uranium-mining boom, it is now a retirement home center.
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Ontario is providing an update on its progress to address the recommendations of the Elliot Lake Commission of Inquiry.
Past host communities include Kirkland Lake, Timmins, Elliot Lake, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Cobalt, and Peterborough.
Wood has been charged with two counts of criminal negligence causing the deaths of two women who were crushed in the cave-in of the Algo Centre shopping center's rooftop car-park in the town of Elliot Lake, Ontario.
The rescue attempt that took place this week at Elliot Lake made Canadians look like a nation of bunglers.
At least 22 people suffered minor injuries in the roof collapse Saturday afternoon at the Algo Centre Mall in Elliot Lake.
Algonquin artist Christopher Wabie created this fantastic headdress while a student at the White Mountain Academy of the Arts at Elliot Lake in northern Ontario.
ON 18 APRIL 1974 ELLIOT LAKE uranium miners at Denison Mines staged a wildcat strike and picketed to protest their unhealthy working conditions.
The City of Elliot Lake has publicly expressed interest in possibly becoming one of the sites for the long-term disposal of nuclear waste for Canada's nuclear industry.
He graduated from Elliot Lake High School, Elliot Lake, Ontario in 1962.
Exploration in the Elliot Lake mining camp has historically focused on testing the limits of the U<sub>3O<sub>8 mineralization and not REO mineralization.
Rod MacHale of Elliot Lake (May letters) may feel that retired Bishop Ron Ferris is to be congratulated for "standing by his convictions" in jumping to the Anglican Network in Canada, but I cannot agree with him.
The Ranger Lake Uranium property is located approximately 60 miles northwest of the historic Elliot Lake Uranium mines.