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Elpis, asteroid 59 (the 59th asteroid to be discovered, on September 12, 1860), is approximately 164 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.5 years. It was named after the Greek word for hope. The house and sign positions of Elpis in a natal chart indicate sources of hope as well as the area of life where the native invests her or his hopes. When prominent in a chart, Elpis may show a generally hopeful person. When afflicted, it may show disappointment or lack of hope.


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1--New Industrial Minerals from Paint Waste Through Gasification Process--Christopher Surbrook, Elpis Technologies
Hence any translation of cholos as "anger," or of elpis as "hope," or of eleos as "pity," comes with a long digression on dissimilarity and serial warnings of the dangers of thinking that we know what we mean by these labels (Cairns 2016; Konstan 2001; 2006).
Scientists from the Elpis general hospital in Athens presented their findings at the European Society of Cardiology's annual congress in Rome.
Earlier this year they took over the lease of the Hotel Elpis with daughter EJ, determined to open it as a shelter.
The first two units of Project Elpis -- which means "hope" in Greek -- were designed and built with the help of Greek solar technology company Entec.
Enter cunning: it is elpis, the tiny creature left behind in PandoraAEs box with the capability of absorbing what we anticipate and of morphing into what we wish it to be.
Y en consecuencia, terminos como Kairos (instante), Parousia (presencia), Jaris (gracia), Klesis (llamada) o Elpis (espera) siguen teniendo toda su efectividad en esta fase de su obra.
Agradecemos al Instituto de Oceanologia de Cosa Rica por brindar todo el apoyo logistico para realizar la presente investigacion, a Andres Jimenez Orozco por compartir sus fotografias con nosotros, a Elpis Joan Chavez Calderon por revisar el manuscrito en forma y contenido y al gobierno de los Estados Unidos por otorgarnos una beca para cursar los estudios de posgrado en Costa Rica.
No obstante, en el paganismo grecorromano hay una deidad que representa la esperanza, es la diosa Elpis (griega) y su equivalente Spes (romana).
Explore the mayhemfilled world of Pandora, rest in the safety of Sanctuary or bounce across its moon Elpis in a fully remastered HD version of the games for the current gen console.
Elpis is a more scenic world to More like a DLC or, if we're generous, an
Gli insegnamenti storico-religiosi nell'Universita di Roma: origini e sviluppi, en Agathe elpis.