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emblemata, emblema

A type of inlaid work used by the early Romans to embellish floors, panels, and the like.
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The topics include Junius' Batavia and the formation of a historiographical canon in Holland, his Animadversa and his methods of scholarship, 16th-century plurilingualism, his Emblemata in light of Erasmus/ Adagia, and the function of his emblem commentary and early commentaries of Alciato's Emblematum libellus.
Rather than analyzing these sources, Skinner prefers to make numerous comparisons between Hobbes' evocative frontispieces and renaissance emblemata.
Ne sembra potersi trattare della dissimulazione amorosa, visto che un trattato emblematico come gli Amorum emblemata di Otto van Veen, pubblicato in varie lingue tra cui l'italiano, la prescrive quale efficace e innocente strumento per difendersi dagli invidiosi: <<Celi l'amante l'invido suo foco, / solo scuopri al'amata un cor discreto.
Emblemata Sacra: Rhetorique et hermeneutique du discours sacre dans la litterature en images.
Significantly, before Robertet became one of the French king's most trusted advisors, he was raised and educated in Lyons, a major book market and, from 1473, a principal publishing centre of heraldric devices, emblems, and literature for we over a century, beyond even the time of the printing in that city of Andrea Alciati's acclaimed Emblemata (1550) and Claude Paradin's influential Devise heroiques (1551).
I thank Max Reinhart for bringing to my attention a symbolic interpretation of the "Parthian shot" in Georg Philipp Harsdorffer, Auloea romana contra Peristromata Turcica expansa: sive, Dissertatio coneordice Christianae omen repraesentans (Nuremberg: Wolfgang Endter, 1641) H2v, 60: Veluti Scythae & Parthi hostes; ita Emblemata Apodosim, vel in ipsa fuga ingeniose insinuant, & spicula quasi retrospiciendo vibrare debent.
Graffiti's character (Barthes would say its genius) is t strike against form, ensuring a field in which the only way the image of the body can survive is as part-object, a concatenation of obscene emblemata, the genital splatter that Twombly went on to enact in his Roman paintings from the early '60s.
A small sampling of article topics: emblematics in ornithology in the 16th and 17th centuries, emblems in the baroque poem The Dream by Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, and meters in Alciato's Emblemata.
The question of just why the field of emblem studies was relatively slow to blossom in France is treated in the final essay of this new volume by Daniel Russell, at the conclusion of an interesting but uneven collection of essays on topics ranging from emblematic precursors and the genesis of Alciato's original Emblemata to the Spanish emblem tradition by way of such rather more specialized topics as editorial conventions in France and the particular contribution of the region of Lorraine.
24) Alciati, in his Emblemata liber (Augsburg, 1531), made the sphinx, with a girl's face and torso, bird's feathers and lion's claws, the very personification of Ignorance (Fig.
Simon McKeown's account of Nils Bielke's Neo-Stoic gallery at Skokloster Castle examines a unique series of paintings that are based on emblems from the popular emblem book Emblemata Horatiana by Otho Vaenius.
Emblemata Sacra; the rhetoric and hermeneutics of illustrated sacred discourse.