emergency coordination center

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emergency operations center

A facility established at selected airports to provide assistance to aircraft experiencing emergencies such as bomb threats or acts of unlawful interference. Also called an emergency coordination center.
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Call coordination services to meet the needs of the emergency coordination center of girona.
Service calls in the emergency coordination center of the City of Bilbao.
This project s intent is to complete an addition to the Fire Department Training Classroom/ Office Building located on the SFD Readiness Complex east of SCC, The building serves a dual role as the City/ County Emergency Coordination Center (ECC).
At the same time, national and statewide emergency coordination centers were able to access the near real-time imagery and accurately assess the information.
Tenders Are Invited for Systems and modules development service for the transmission of images in real time from an aircraft to the Emergency Coordination Centers of the Community of Extremadura.

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