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For Byzantine and Portuguese rulers thus named, use Manuel.


in the Bible: see ImmanuelImmanuel
or Emmanuel
[Heb.,=God with us], in the Book of Isaiah, name given to the child who would be a sign to Judah of her deliverance. In the Gospel of St. Matthew it is given as a name of Jesus.
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Jesus, especially as the Messiah. [N.T.: Matthew 1:23]
See: Christ


, Emmanuel
Bible the child whose birth was foretold by Isaiah (Isaiah 7:14) and who in Christian tradition is identified with Jesus
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In our country there was no longer any logic," explains Laokole, one of two teenage narrators in Emmanuel Dongala's compelling fourth novel who alternately recount their country's experience.
Twenty-seven-year-old Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah is introduced as a standard-bearer for the disabled in Ghana, where ancient ways hold that anyone born with deformities is cursed and should not be helped.
Salamanca: Ediciones Sigueme, 1977 (Presentacion de la Edicion Espanola por Emmanuel Levinas, pp.
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