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Would this explain why Heidegger's experiments with empirical science were never repeated?
They can then explain why mathematics is useful in empirical science without abandoning the realist semantic thesis.
Research such as that conducted by Kahneman, Tversky, and Smith changed the perspective of economics as an empirical science, though experimental economics does not allow us to design experiments to decide between competing theories as is the case with experimental physics.
The simplest picture one can form about the creation of an empirical science is along the lines of an inductive method.
An overriding commitment to empirical science is evident in the culture of critical care; the controlled trial is gaining ground, fast becoming the standard for research that provides the most important evidence for critical care practice.
Both of them have reached the level of empirical science.
If CEP's research adhered to the generally accepted standards of empirical science, the mere fact that CEP also has policy preferences would not be a legitimate reason to doubt its findings.
Benedict's deepest concern is that Darwinism has promoted scientific positivism, holding that only empirical science can produce certainty, and hence that religion, if it survives at all, can only do so as a subjective, emotional consolation against the cold indifference of the universe.
His aim is to demonstrate that, far from serving as a scaffold for left-radicalism, evolution was and remains a body of empirical science and solid theory that displays and supports bedrock conservative principles.
It is suggestive to ponder the ideological connections between empirical science and market capitalism, the two modes of thought that dominate our world.
For Condorcet the bridge linking empirical science to social planning was the "calculus of probabilities.

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