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workers' compensation,

payment by employers for some part of the cost of injuries, or in some cases of occupational diseases, received by employees in the course of their work. The degree of responsibility varies in different countries and in different states of the United States. Most modern worker's compensation systems consist of legislation requiring the employer to furnish a reasonably safe place to work, suitable equipment, rules and instructions when they are reasonably necessary, and reasonably competent foremen and superintendents. The employer is liable for an employee's acts of negligence, for the employer's own gross negligence, and for extraordinary risks of work. In most cases the employer is not liable for accidents occurring outside the place of work, or for those which have not arisen directly from employment. Workers' compensation legislation was first passed in Germany, Austria, and Great Britain in the late 1800s. Such legislation came later in the United States, but by 1920 all but six states had passed some form of it; at present all states have some sort of workers' compensation. Private insurance companies offer employers' compensation insurance; some states have made such insurance compulsory, and a few have created state insurance funds to secure payments even when the employer is insolvent. Most states similarly provide for public employees, although some limit this coverage to workers engaged in dangerous occupations. In Great Britain the payment of compensation is required for almost all industrial accidents. In France all noninsured employers are taxed for a state fund that guarantees compensation payments. In the United States, as well as in other countries, benefits usually cover medical expenses, cash payments in the case of temporary or permanent incapacity, and increasingly, vocational rehabilitation.


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The employees' compensation adjustment should start from 2000, or the year he was granted partial disability, to the present.
In addition, the executive order includes the January 14 approval by the Employees' Compensation Commission of the increase and an actuarial study by the Government Service Insurance System that it could finance the hike through the State Insurance Fund without requiring additional contribution from the national government.
There is a need to continually improve benefits under the Employees' Compensation Program to make them more responsive to the welfare and development needs of occupationally disabled workers," the order read.
Hypothesis 2: Due to differences in the incentive for banks to generate mortgage volume at the expense of loan quality across states, the impact of mortgage loan volume on banks employees' compensation is higher in the states that have highest mortgage foreclosure rates, especially during the housing bubble period.
A major union aligned itself behind the Sutherland bill, rather than a more encompassing bill introduced by Congressman Daniel McGillicuddy (D-ME) that ultimately became the Federal Employees' Compensation Act.
The current Employees' Compensation (EC) Funeral Benefit for both the private and public sectors is no longer sufficient to cover ordinary funeral costs,' he said.
The Office of Workers' Compensation Programs administers the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA).
The ECC has committed to give the highest priority to employee-survivors of the super typhoon and their dependents in the speedy and efficient facilitation of their employees' compensation claims," Baldoz said.
Kadiri's ECM solution, Kadiri TotalComp, simplifies compensation process for line-managers at Financial Services companies such as Washington Mutual, Visa, Comerica and Wells Fargo by providing a total comp view of their employees' compensation packages -- including salary, stock and bonuses.
The company is one of the fastest-growing carriers of employees' compensation (E/C) business in Hong Kong, with a year-on-year premium growth rate of 99.
With the transfer of business from Falcon, which was primarily engaged in commercial insurance such as employees' compensation and marine insurance, Falcon HK will have a more diverse business portfolio than before.
For several years, a major portion of our management employees' compensation has been tied to incentives related to achieving goals in reducing our company's costs and improving our quality of service and revenues,'' Johnson said.

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