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river, 208 mi (335 km) long, rising in the Teutoburger Wald, NW Germany, and flowing NW into the North Sea near Emden. Its wide mouth is called the Dollart. The Ems is paralleled for much of its course by the Dortmund-Ems Canal.
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, river.
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TEHRAN (FNA)- The Emsland nuclear power plant in Germany was taken off grid after leakage was detected, according to its operator RWE Power AG and the German state of Lower Saxony's environment ministry.
A trade union in her district of Emsland withdrew its invitation for her to speak at a memorial event at a former concentration camp.
Recent bad train crashes in Europe include one in February 2010 in Buizingen in Belgium which claimed the lives of 18 people, a September 2006 crash of a magnetic levitation train on a test track in the Emsland area of Germany which killed 23 people, and a derailment of a packed train outside the Montenegro capital of Podgorica in January 2006 in which 46 people died.
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Dubai Express, Hansa Liberty, MSC Jemima, Anoushka, Ahmed Arab, BBC Emsland, K.
The poultry farm is in the Emsland area in the north German state of Lower Saxony, the state agriculture ministry said.
von Hebel is 49 years of age and was born in Papenburg, Emsland in Lower Saxony.
22, 2006, a test train in Emsland, Germany had 29 people aboard during a test run when it crashed into a repair car that had been left on the track accidentally.
Before the Transrapid test-track was built in Emsland in the 1980s the quickest movers in this rural backwater were the tractors, which travel at a tenth of the maglev's speed and make rather more noise.
Situated in the rural Emsland region of Germany near the North Sea, the Transrapid test guideway has been operating for more than 18 years.
The Commission, citing the opinion of its committee of experts, gave the go ahead for a project for the disposal of radioactive waste resulting from the modifications to the Emsland Nuclear Power Station (KKE) in Germany, arguing that this would not lead to the contamination of the territory of another Member State.
AS a surprise for her husband Gerhardt's 45th birthday, Ingrid Emsland invited folk with a grudge against him to a party in Dresden, Germany.