assistive technology

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assistive technology

(1) Technologies that support automobile drivers. See automotive safety systems.

(2) Hardware and software that help people who are physically impaired. Often called "accessibility options" when referring to enhancements for using the computer, the field of assistive technology is quite vast and even includes ramp and doorway construction that supports wheelchairs. For more information, visit the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) at

Enhancements for using the computer include alternative keyboard and mouse devices, replacing beeps with light signals for the deaf, screen magnifiers and text enlargers, as well as systems that form Braille letters from on-screen text. See screen reader, voice recognition, TDD/TTY and accessibility.

A Specialized Keyboard
This IntelliKeys keyboard provides a 24x24 cell matrix that can be custom programmed with oversized keys for children with disabilities. (Image courtesy of AbleNet, Inc.,
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Nasalfent incorporates Archimedes' proprietary PecSys(tm) nasal drug delivery system, an enabling technology which can optimise fentanyl's rapid absorption to give a profile that should provide fast, tolerable pain relief in these patients.
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an enabling technology that will allow military logisticians to create synthesized and integrated end-to-end information on assets.
In essence, scorecards include the "vital three" elements -- people, process and enabling technology -- in addressing future growth, enterprise transformation and enterprise resource planning (ERP)-enabling initiatives.