Enamel Paint

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Enamel Paint


a suspension of highly dispersed pigments (mainly, inorganic pigments) in varnishes. In addition to the major components, enamel paints may contain fillers, plasticizers, hardeners, siccatives, substances to impart a dull finish, and thinners. They are subdivided on the basis of the film-forming material into oil, alkyd (glyptal and pentaphtal), epoxy, organosilicon, nitrocellulose, and polyacrylic paints.

Enamel paints are applied on primed or spackled surfaces by any one of the existing methods (seeVARNISHES). When dry, they form a decorative and protective finish, similar in appearance to enamel (hence the name). Enamel paints are used on airplanes, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, machine tools, refrigerators, and various instruments. (See alsoPAINTS and VARNISHES.)


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Once the undercoat is completely dry, apply Japlac High-Gloss Enamel paint all over your piece of furniture with smooth, even brush strokes.
Paintinglike pieces took the impure forms of paper cutouts (Kara Walker), wall paintings (Arturo Herrera and Ricci Albenda), resin-coated collages (Ellen Gallagher and Fred Tomaselli), canvases in enamel paint and black glitter (Rob Pruitt), and so on.
She painted the oven doors periwinkle blue then touched up knobs and dials in a bright orange enamel paint.
Dressed in a lab coat and black pants, this mad man stands frozen on a decorative wooden pedestal festooned with carefully arrayed patterns of enamel paint that look like blood.
When dry, paint 12 of the rounds red and 12 yellow with two or more coats of enamel paint.
The acrylic yarn matches the enamel paint, and the design flows almost seamlessly among the different surfaces.
Tenders are invited for Supply of L Filteration of transformer oil of 1000 KVA, 630 KVA Trs and 315KVA auto Trfr,Topping up of oil - if reqd Quantity:1800,Replacement of silica gel in Transformer 1 and Transformer 2 01,Repainting of Auto TR with enamel paint 02,Repainting of the 1OOOK VA Tr & cable bus duct with one coat enamel paint 01,Repainting of the 630KVA Tr & cable bus duct with one coat enamel paint 01,Leakage arresting in fins of 1000KVA Transformer from Buch relay 01 , Transportation charges of the machine and equipments to the site 01
Tenders are invited for Supply of synthetic enamel paint of painting of grills, cpa & gates of parks in
01/01 name of work: supply of synthetic enamel paint in hari nagar in ward no.
Limited Tenders are invited for 1)Synthetic Enamel Paint Ral9002 Qty: 600 Lt 2)Or Ad Synthetic Enamel (631) Qty: 1500 Lt 3)Or Ad Synthetic Enamel (632) Qty: 220 Lt 8)Null Qty: Null Null