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You'd think the Golden Age of biopics would've been the time when you had to go to a library or lug heavy volumes of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica to find out the details of famous lives -- yet in fact, with a few exceptions, Hollywood's never been as enamoured of true stories as it is now.
Bing users can expect an improvement in their organic search results following the announcement that Microsoft's search engine will partner with the Encyclopaedia Brittanica.
Webber became the Greek publishing rep for such diverse brands as Disney and the Encyclopaedia Brittanica, and also found himself tasked with turning Kingfisher's massive output into Greek.
New Delhi: Encyclopaedia Brittanica, 2003, 319-24: 320.
In 1959 when the famous physicist Richard Feynman had explained the possibility of writing the entire 24 volumes of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica on the head of a pin, not many may have believed him.
According to Encyclopaedia Brittanica, Titian was born sometime between 1488 to 1490 and died in 1576.
A former writer for Religion News Service, Darrell Turner writes the annual religion section for the Encyclopaedia Brittanica.
One thousand 15 to 24s were questioned about their historical knowledge in an Encyclopaedia Brittanica study to coincide with the release of a new Brittanica Deluxe DVD-ROM.
Statements that each day enough scientific articles were written to fill several complete sets of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica may have been inaccurate or even apocryphal but, even if they were close, they confirmed the impossibility that any individual, but particularly individuals who sought necessary information for the purpose, not of its own virtue but to be able to do something else with it, a process which would also require time, was doomed to fail.
Here is the reason why the gouaches, etchings, and oils of "speculative fiction" are so consistently evocative: they tap into a childhood font that used to be called wonder - now, of course, a frayed, heinous cliche, an Encyclopaedia Brittanica relic.
Convera's search, retrieval and categorization products are used by some of the world's leading publishers, including Atlanta Journal Constitution, Augusta Chronicle, Baltimore Sun, Bloomberg, Copley Press, Deseret News, Encyclopaedia Brittanica, The Financial Times, Gruner & Jahr Publishing, Los Angeles Times, Macmillan Publishers, Morris Communications Corp, Oxford University Press, Random House Publishing, Scotsman.
Even the facts trotted out had an Encyclopaedia Brittanica feel to them.