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The membrane lining the heart.



the endothelial lining membrane of the heart, folds of which form the cardiac valves. Inflammation of the endocardium is called endocarditis.

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Rheumatoid nodules can occur in the epicardium, myocardium, or endocardium but consist of areas of necrosis surrounded by palisaded histiocytes and fibroblasts without giant cells, histologically very different from the nonnecrotizing granulomas of sarcoidosis.
Also, the endocardium continues to lack detectable syndecan-2 (Fig.
Hypothermia causes asymmetric distortion of the earliest phase of membrane repolarization between the epicardium and endocardium, manifested as J-wave or Osborn wave.
NAV is separated from the endocardium by contractile myocytes and a layer of connective tissue.
The embryo's single-cavity heart contains a layer of jelly-like material sandwiched between an outer layer of muscle tissue and an inner tissue layer known as the endocardium.
For example, physicians will be able to look at only the endocardium or epicardium, in addition to providing views of the entire muscle.
A characteristic "jet lesion" of the endocardium was also noted (18, 20).
In contrast to mammals, ventricular depolarization is not directed from the endocardium to the outer side of the heart but is rather diffuse.
RV FAC is obtained by tracing the RV endocardium both in systole and diastole from 4 chamber view and is defined as (end-diastolic area -end-systolic area)/end-diastolic area x 100 (14).
This application allows the clinician to visualize the Left Ventricle wall and endocardium in technically difficult patients by opacifying the chamber with contrast, making it easier to evaluate heart function.
pneumoniae as a cause of endocarditis as well as the occurrence of mycoplasma bacteremia in the absence of underlying infection of the endocardium.
LVHT is a cardiac abnormality of unknown origin, characterized by a meshwork of interwoven myocardial strings, all lined with endocardium, forming a layer clearly distinct from the compacted myocardium.