Engine Displacement

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engine displacement

[′en·jən di‚splās·mənt]
(mechanical engineering)
Volume displaced by each piston moving from bottom dead center to top dead center multiplied by the number of cylinders.

Engine Displacement


the total working volume of the cylinders in an internal combustion engine. The working volume of one cylinder is equal to the product of the cross-sectional area of one cylinder multiplied by the piston stroke. The engine displacement is one of the features characterizing the power rating of an engine. The engine displacement is usually measured in liters (cu decimeters), but, in engines of small working volumes, the displacement is frequently measured in cu cm (for example, in motorcycle engines).

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If it comes into force, the new licence could ban young motorists from driving at night and attempt to stop "boy racers" by limiting engine size after passing their test in the UK.
He added that the new rates apply to four-seater taxis where the engine size is below 3500CC for a distance below 15 km.
Bigger sedans ( engine size > 1,500cc and length > 4,000 mm) and SUVs ( engine size > 1,500cc and ground clearance > 170mm) will see lower taxation and eventually a reduction in vehicle prices given the fact that they are currently taxed above the proposed 43% tax rate, the report states.
Latest reports confirm that the Mahindra-made BSA motorcycles, of engine size between 500-750cc, will be introduced in the markets by 2019.
Average engine size has increased, with a growth in vehicles with 3- and 4-litre engines.
Taking the engine size of the new Venture 50 scooter into account, people can enjoy its rides nearly all of the States with a normal auto license.
One method of emissions reduction is to shorten the length of the cylinder and piston stroke, and reduce engine size.
I think engine size restrictions may help like with motorbikes.
Industry press says the first vehicle to be produced in China will be an SUV with an engine size of less than two litres.
With the new eco rules reducing the engine size from V8 to V6 turbos, the engine volume has been largely reduced due to the hybrid technology harvesting energy, the report added.
For those who will continue to enjoy state vehicles, parliament examined putting restrictions on engine size, pollution emissions and price, with only the president's vehicle enjoying full exemption for security purposes.