english daisy

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common daisy

common daisy

These aren’t the best-tasting petals — somewhat bitter — but they look great! Remember, bitter is great for digestion and healing.
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Also sow bachelor's button, clarkia, English daisy, forget-me-not, linaria, sweet alyssum, and viola.
In shady areas, try English daisy, pansy, primrose, and viola.
For midwinter bloom, buy 4-inch pots of cool-season annuals such as calendula, candytuft, cineraria, English daisy, English and fairy primroses, Iceland poppy, pansy, snapdragon, viola, and stock.
In shady areas, try dianthus, English daisy, pansy, primrose, and viola.
English daisy (Bellis perennis), pink, rose, red, white; spring, early summer.