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A[micro] -- Small form-factor CPU board and generic base board A[micro] -- Enhanced IDE interface and sub-ISA interface A[micro] -- USB, PS2 and PCI interfaces A[micro] -- LPC and Ethernet interfaces A[micro] -- Standard audio inputs and outputs A[micro] -- Power management support A[micro] -- Multiple operating system capability A[micro] Primary development board features include: A[micro] -- Low-power, x86 compatible processor A[micro] -- Industry-standard form factor -- ETX, 115mm x 95mm A[micro] -- Supports standard buses A[micro] -- USB 1.
1 controller -- IDE controller/interface -- AC97 Sound Card -- LPC and IR interfaces -- 128 MB DDRAM -- CompactFlash socket Advantech's Flex-ATX compatible development board (229 mm x 191 mm) features: -- Multiple I/O ports (USB, serial, parallel and PS/2) -- Enhanced IDE HDD interface -- 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface -- Multiple PCI expansion slots supporting 33 and 66 Mhz operation; -- ATX power supply -- In-circuit emulator with compatible JTAG interface to support software development and debug -- Support for ACPI power control interface -- Suspend to RAM and RTC
ATAPI is part of the Enhanced IDE (E-IDE) interface, also known as ATA-2.
Taking advantage of the widely available Enhanced IDE interface, OnStream's ADR2.
Other features include two enhanced IDE hard disk interfaces, 64-bit SVGA controller, CompactFlash support, two-stage software programmable Watchdog Timer and two USB ports.
5 inch board has the same dimensions as an internal hard disk but includes an MMX-class Cyrix(TM) GXM-200 processor, up to 64MB of RAM, a CompactFlash(TM) socket, on-board Ethernet, a parallel port, an infrared port, two serial ports, 2 USB connectors, support for two enhanced IDE devices and two floppies, and a PC/104 connector for adding more.
The PCVD104K requires: Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 95, Windows(R) 98 or higher; an Intel(R) Pentium(R) 133 MHz or higher (or equivalent); at least 16 MB RAM; Sound card 8-bit or 16-bit (recommended for audio playback); at least 10 MB available hard disk space (for navigator software); one free PCI slot for Hollywood+ card; and one free Enhanced IDE connector.
CompactFlash cards can be used to provide various amounts of storage and there's a parallel port, two serial ports, two USB connectors, a keyboard connector, infrared port and support for two Enhanced IDE devices and two floppies.
These motherboards will support the new Ultra/66 specification for Enhanced IDE performance, as well as 1GB of main memory.
The ATAPI Enhanced IDE interface provides maximum system adaptability.
The GD-2500 is an enhanced IDE (ATAPI) interface drive, designed for installation in personal computers running a Microsoft Windows(R) operating system.

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