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He had only recently been awarded the prestigious Enrico Fermi Award by the U.
Andrew Sessler as recipients of the Enrico Fermi Award, one of the government s oldest and most prestigious awards for scientific achievement.
But, underneath, the paper was still carrying a contradictory New York Times Service report from Washington, saying 'President Kennedy will personally present the EUR50,000 Enrico Fermi award to Dr J Robet Oppenheimer at a White House Ceremony Dec 2, administration officials have disclosed'.
Among honors he received were the Albert Einstein Award, the Enrico Fermi Award and the National Medal of Science.
In 1999, then-President Clinton awarded Phelps with the Enrico Fermi Award, the government's oldest science and technology prize.
Six years later she was given, together with Strassmann and Hahn, the prestigious Enrico Fermi Award which "recognises scientists of international stature for their lifetimes of exceptional achievement.
by bestowing upon him the Enrico Fermi Award for his role in the invention of PET.
Congratulations to Encino resident Michael Pehlps on receiving the Enrico Fermi Award for his invention of the positron emission tomography scan.
Phelps' PET scan was recently awarded the prestigious Enrico Fermi Award from President Clinton.