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According to Dumama, in the first incident that happened last February 16, DOH's Regional Epidemiological Survey Unit (RESU) found that the food intake from the 38 delegates from Mati City, who were billeted at the Sta.
The prevalence of headache disorders in Pakistan is high, and would be at least on par with that reported in other parts of the world, although a recent epidemiological survey suggests that the prevalence of migraines could be as high as 22%, almost twice that noted in the international literature.
Officials are conducting an epidemiological survey to track the disease's spread.
The KCDC inspection team began an epidemiological survey Monday on all 1,025 security officers hired for the event.
Epidemiological survey of snakebite incidences in Bangladesh.
The two sides are organising a five-day training course entitled 'Epidemiological Survey and Risk Analysis' for veterinarians in livestock management to provide them with basic concepts and information regarding the epidemiological survey in terms of research and follow up to identify the pathological factors in the field environment and its causes and to predict the behaviour of future diseases.
All of this is difficult to discern, as these data come from an epidemiological survey with data input as International Classification of Diseases, 10th revision, codes.
The FSFI questionnaire created in 2000 was developed as a brief, general, diagnostic epidemiological survey method for use all over the world.
Between November and December of 2013, visits were made to rural properties of the municipalities of Chaves, Santa Cruz do Arari, Cachoeira do Arari, Salvaterra and Soure, which belong to the micro region of Arari, to collect blood samples from the horses in order to perform an epidemiological survey (Figure 1).
Contract notice: Open procedure for the award of the service for the realization of epidemiological survey on gambling in the Italian resident population in Italy is divided into 2 lots.
Assessing the burden of human rabies in India: results of a national multi-center epidemiological survey.

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