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river: see ScheldtScheldt
, Du. Schelde, Fr. Escaut, river, c.270 mi (435 km) long, rising in N France and flowing generally NE across W Belgium and into the North Sea through the Western Scheldt (De Honte) estuary, SW Netherlands.
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For example, in 1936 the re-roller Escaut, which primarily produced thick plates, purchased its semi-finished steel at 450 francs per ton, while the targeted cartel price was 590 francs per ton; for Commercey, a producer of wire, the semis cost 520 francs per ton.
In 1991-1992 the bonanza was still continuing; Parsons and French dealer Frederic Escaut had hundreds of fine specimens of stibnite, in bright, clean, striated prisms and clusters 5 to 30 cm in size.
Marie, about 20 magnificent specimens were being offered on the theater's lower level by Frederic Escaut (frederic.
The EIB says the investment will have a positive effect on the water quality of the Escaut and Meuse rivers, and ultimately the North Sea.
Tenders are invited for Extension work of the container terminal on the public platform bruay on escaut / saint saulve
Escaut Minerals (3 Square Paul Verlaine, 91450 Soisy-sur-Seine, France) had cases filled mostly with Chinese minerals, including some beautiful barite on snow-white quartz, and one fine Japan-Law twin quartz on matrix from China--what makes this specimen incredible is that it is twinned twice and measures 15 cm overall.