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Escrow agreements may amount to unprofitable contracts as they result in the disposition of potentially valuable rights.
Finally, if an escrow agreement is established by a seller after a buyer has made available the full amount of the purchase price, regardless of the terms of the escrow (i.
The IDG Research survey reveals how technology escrow agreements and verification services can safeguard investments against contract breaches, discontinued support and vendor bankruptcy, all of which pose even greater risks in a difficult economic climate.
WWE has met the pre-requisite conditions set by Coates to qualify for an extension under the Escrow Agreement which included making payments totaling at least $3 million and agreeing to accrue interest on the unpaid balance due under the Escrow Agreement at the rate of five percent (5%) per annum.
Under the Escrow Agreement, WWE is required to remit the full amount of the Release Payment by June 30, 2008 (the "Payment Period").
The Amendment to the Escrow Agreement also provides that in the event that the closing of the Fiat Sale does not occur and the Fiat Sale Agreement is terminated or terminates pursuant to its terms, the Company's rights, interests and claims with respect to unpaid portions of the Fiat Payments, including amounts that would have been paid by Teksid S.
Si2 is pleased to act as beneficiary for this escrow agreement," said Steve Schulz, president and CEO of Si2.
Maverick Minerals Corporation OTC Bulletin Board: MVRM), is pleased to announce that all conditions to its escrow agreement with UCO Energy Corporation ("UCO") have been met and that UCO is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Maverick Minerals Corporation.
WINNIPEG, May 9 /CNW-PRN/ - Assante Corporation ("Assante"), a leading provider of integrated wealth and life management services, today confirmed that coincident with the first anniversary of Assante's initial public offering, and in accordance with the Shareholder Escrow Agreement ("escrow agreement"), on May 28, 2000, CIBC Mellon Trust (the "Escrow Agent") will automatically release from escrow 10 per cent of the shareholdings in Assante owned by shareholders.
Charney will receive up to approximately 32,258,065 million shares of restricted Endeavor stock, subject to an escrow agreement of up to approximately 8.
The Units were held under an Escrow Agreement among Canbras, CIBC Mellon Trust Company as Escrow Agent, and the 49% equity owner of Telem.
Pursuant to the series E and F escrow agreement, the city has reserved the right to redeem in advance of maturity refunded bonds in addition to those currently scheduled for early redemption.