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Now, through our new underwriting agreement, title agents, escrow agents, notaries and others can now receive the quality professional liability protection, underwriting expertise and claims defense on which we ve both built our market reputations.
Transamerica Title Insurance Company that the duty requires the escrow agent to remain objective to the parties in a land-sale transaction and to not favor one party over the other.
Three parties are typically involved in an escrow relationship: the company licensing the technology (the licensee); the company that developed the technology (the developer); and the escrow agent.
After determining that the request is authentic, the escrow agent either would release the data recovery key - if it is unique to the user - or use the key to determine and release the data encryption key.
Other cases have held that an escrow agent has fiduciary responsibilities to the principals beyond that of simply carrying out instructions.
com also advises buyers to protect against escrow scams by not letting the seller choose the escrow agent; instead, the buyer should insist on using an escrow agent of the buyer's choosing.
Escrow agents will be required to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of key-escrow-related information and to ensure only authorized use of that information.
ESNY's concept of using such an independent escrow agent was reviewed last month by the Nassau County Bar Association's Committee on Professional Ethics.
According to the Grant Thornton verification report, anticipated receipts from the investments and cash deposited will provide amounts necessary for timely payment of the principal, interest and redemption premium on the refunded bonds, and escrow agent fees when due.
Please be advised that the Certificateholders, by their acceptance of Securities, covenanted and agreed to tender any and all Securities to the Warrant Agent upon the holder's exercise of Warrants and deposit of the Exercise Price with The Bank of New York Mellon, as Escrow Agent for such Securities in accordance with the applicable procedures in the Agreement.
On October 20, 2010, Chemtura notified the Administrative Agent and the Escrow Agent that it had elected to extend the Initial Escrow End Date to November 25, 2010, and will deposit with the Escrow Agent the amount of interest that would accrue on the Term Loan from the Initial Escrow End Date up to, but excluding, November 25, 2010.
Alternatively, an arrangement may be set up, under which an escrow agent would serve as the agent of the borrower to satisfy payments in a purely offshore context.