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long, narrow, winding ridge of stratified sand-and-gravel driftdrift,
deposit of mixed clay, gravel, sand, and boulders transported and laid down by glaciers. Stratified, or glaciofluvial, drift is carried by waters flowing from the melting ice of a glacier.
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. Eskers, many miles long and resembling abandoned railway embankments, occur in Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland, and New England; they arose from deposition of sediment in the beds of streams flowing through or beneath glaciers.



a long, narrow ridge composed of horizontally or, more often, obliquely stratified sand, gravel, and pebbles and of boulders. Eskers are usually not longer than 40 km but occasionally exceed 500 km. Their width varies between several meters and 2 to 3 km, and their height can reach several dozen meters. Eskers are deposits left by meltwater flowing through valleys and tunnels that have been cut through a glacier. They are found in areas of Quaternary, or Anthropogenic, continental glaciation in Sweden, Finland, and the northern European part of the USSR.



the general name for aggradation glaciofluvial land-forms that formed within glaciers, such as oses, kames, and kame terraces. Some foreign scientists, such as R. Flint, use the term “esker” as a synonym for os.


A sinuous ridge of constructional form, consisting of stratified accumulations, glacial sand, and gravel. Also known as asar; eschar; eskar; osar; serpent kame.
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The main precondition for esker formation is considered to be the rigid nonpermeable subglacial surface (Punkari 1994, 1997; Boulton et al.
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