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or Esna
, town (1986 pop. 43,055), central Egypt, on the Nile River. It is the center for an agricultural area that is irrigated by the Nile. Isna's manufactures include cotton fabrics and ceramics.
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, Egypt.
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They include Snofru as builder and unique creator of the pyramids of Seila and Meidum, the significance of Nile heights recorded under the 12th dynasty, the stela of Iuyres in the Cairo Museum, Ramses II and his dynasty as traditionalist and innovators, a New Kingdom stela from Memphis, the dance for appeasing Menhyt-Nebtou at Esna, a clay bowl with demotic inscriptions from Tuna al-Gevel, and the Arabic equivalent of the Coptic causative-infinitive.
Salah Mohammed Mahmoud, Head of the Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, said in a statement today that the epicenter of the quake lies about 78 km west from the town of Esna, at a depth of 10 kilometers from the surface of the earth.
Highlights of the cruise include visits to the Colossi of Memnon, Esna and Edfu, Aswan and its High Dam.
The cruise departs from Luxor and explores the magnificent ancient sites along the Nile, including the Valley of The Kings, Edfu, Esna and Aswan.
As we reached Esna, where the cruise boats queue for their turn to go through a huge lock, a babble of voices sprang up.
Above: the city of Esna, stretching out along the left bank of the Nile.
Younis stressed that the power sector had made use of the most of the River Nile in terms of generating electricity, noting that the stations at the Aswan High Dam, the Aswan Reservoir and the Esna Barrages generate 2,745 MW of electricity.
91 Esna Park Drive, Unit 6 Markham ON Canada L3R 2S2
Translation of inscription over the cellar entrance at Esna in ancient Egypt about 200 B.
ESNA aerospace locknuts with nonmetallic inserts come in a variety of configurations.
We set off from Esna and ride 162km to the Aswan Dam before crossing the Nile and riding up to Luxor.