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Essequibo (ĕsākē`bō), longest river of Guyana, c.600 mi (970 km) long, rising in the Guiana Highlands, S Guyana, and flowing generally N to the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the river's course is broken by rapids and waterfalls. There are many islands in its wide estuary. Bartica, the chief town on the river, is at the head of oceangoing navigation; gold, diamonds, and timber are moved on the river. With its tributaries the Essequibo drains more than half of Guyana.
a river in Guyana, rising near the Brazilian border and flowing north to the Atlantic: drains over half of Guyana. Length: 1014 km (630 miles)


a river in South America, in Guyana. The Essequibo is 970 km long and drains an area of about 155,000 sq km. It rises in the Guiana Highlands and empties into the Atlantic Ocean, forming an estuary that reaches a width of 25 km. The Essequibo, which carries a large water volume, has rapids and waterfalls; the mean flow rate is approximately 3,000 cu m per sec. The estuary of the Essequibo is navigable as far as the city of Bartica.

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First Bauxite controls a large land package in Guyana s historical coastal bauxite belt, including the Bonasika Mining License, the Waratilla-Cartwright Prospecting License, and the Essequibo PGGS Prospecting Permit.
Steve Townson landed the wild arapaima, the world's largest scaled freshwater fish, from Middle River Essequibo in Guyana.
In August, authorities discovered evidence of marijuana cultivation and processing, as well as boats for shipment on a two acre island in the Essequibo River.


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